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2 years ago

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Hi, Kelly again. Well, how gigagallery many comments he had made all of my last story I wrote all very beautiful / hot esp Liz. I explained in my last story I've always been very kind to my stories urinate, because some people just can not, but what the hell can also provide my worst, or rather, they are my best. If I'm honest, I have done for years gigagallery pissing all started when I was a hormone driven 13 year old gigagallery young but very mature 13 Find My father always described as " Jailbait ", and everyone I knew. I had a very nice body, so even at that age too tight clothing. One day, while walking along the beach, not far from my house, I had thought most of the heavy doze of the horn for me, " I wonder what they think it would piss my pants hot" I looked around for make sure no one started peeing. I felt so warm while urinating spread heat around my ass pussy then for my long legs, theI felt my legs wanted to go with me blew me I do not know what I wanted to do because it was like I'd raid my drawers parents of pornography or anything that only a warm desire that came over me that I was addicted the've been doing a reading that you can probably imagine what all of my sordid history mmm I'm excited to tell you all this. gigagallery One day, H was in his day job, I was sitting alone at home ask me what I do, so I had one as gigagallery my " days off " - a walk through lace bra in my boxers, dildo my pussy is porn, etc, but knowing how pissed off that the H was working on his day off, it would be nice / cool to cheer when he began what they have not decided to run a bath, my wax strips are poured out all dolled then rubbed baby oil all over my skin had gigagallery slipped my black pvc dress. So with my body in black leather set, leather boots thigh length, Hair gel / tied back in a bobble, thick eyeliner lipstick red - a bitch in other words, i before everything was ready for a night excitement. No, not long after you gigagallery finish doing so H threw him out of our windows, so I went through our bathroom jumped into the tub, i H is presented in it once I saw were heard below, said " Kelly i ' m home, then you are in " not responding I have heard then, as he made his way to put in our room, took off his clothes in the hamper came through the bathroom gigagallery taking a shower because I knew he could only return a very pleasant surprise when he pulled the shower curtain I saw him on my knees and dirty, while my tongue was, smiled and said, "mmm that dirty whore ', he replied: " I feel sed a little thought, can you give me a drink. "Getting hotter than him, before entering the bath was then shoved his cock right in my mouth, I was really enjoying the feelingof the queue, but wanted it to have deeper, so it really in my throat i gagged because it was fucking great gigagallery my face and said " aww baby is ready for a mouthful," he said to wait, I prefer a full bladder, so he slept in the bathtub while I let go of his cock squat in the most powerful pee stream it. He moaned that all dirt as I moved my warm urine hit the chest, and was masturbating that cock piss covered " dirty bitch in the mouth " So I moved forward again at the last minute jokes he only slightly, but he was so eager was so hot that I just grabbed my pussy forced tight ass in your face, gigagallery so wet the face in the mouth when I was waving my clit with his tongue vigarously, as he always had a shower of gold, I came across his face, mmm, what a career went through my gigagallery body, my legs were shaking. grabbed her hair back on your knees bitch `` put his cock in my mouth does not return tol the way through the middle to stop your flow of urine that really hit the back of my throat with much more power than many other things, but I took most of them drank Unfortunetly it was much
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